Student Debt Fintech Company, Round Up to Zero, to Donate Technology and Proceeds to COVID-19 Relief

Fintech Joins the Fight

Round Up to Zero, the student debt fintech startup, has announced that it will be opening up their platform to help organizations drive donations to the global fight against COVID-19 and will also be donating a portion of its own proceeds to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, organized by the World Health Organization.

“At Zero, we are committed to a greater cause of helping people. Today, that cause shifts beyond the student debt crisis and is refocused on the health of our community,” said Patrick Salome, CEO. “The actions of today will impact the trajectory of the virus tomorrow. It is critical that we all take the steps to end the spread of this virus and encourage others to do the same.”

Patrick added, “This will allow users the option to donate to an approved organization dedicated and focused on putting an end to COVID-19 until our country is back on its feet.”

With a suite of technology and artificial intelligence geared toward moving money, Round Up to Zero has also offered to help government, public, and private institutions fundraise remotely while most American’s are social distancing. “We find ourselves in a unique position to help organize fundraising efforts. We would be privileged to join other organizations in this fight through the use of our technology to facilitate the greater cause of eradicating this virus.”

More About Zero -

Zero is a financial technology organization that is focused on ending student debt. Zero helps the 45+ million student loan borrowers in the United States pay off their student debt faster and more efficiently through its suite of leading technologies. Round Up to Zero is the “app of choice” for students and graduates who are looking for automated solutions to pay off their student debt.

Round Up to Zero can be found on the iOS App and Google Play stores.


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Source: Round Up to Zero