Stuart Shepherd Joins Robotics Companies Gain & Co and HowToRobot as Chief Strategy Officer

One of America's most experienced executives in automation teams up with independent advisors and robot matchmaking platform to transform U.S. manufacturing.

Gain & Co and HowToRobot today announce the appointment of Stuart ("Stu") Shepherd as Chief Strategy Officer for both companies. In this role, Shepherd will oversee a comprehensive strategy for transforming U.S. manufacturing with automation through independent consultancy.

"In my experience, a lot of companies still don't know how to start with automation and what to do. I'm excited to join Gain & Co as we give companies a roadmap of how to automate - without being tied to any product or technology," said Stuart Shepherd.

Stu's career spans more than 40 years in automation, including roles at General Motors, FANUC Robotics, Shepherd Solutions (a boutique automation business consulting firm), KUKA Robotics, Güdel AG, and Universal Robots A/S. 

Sister companies Gain & Co and HowToRobot were founded in Denmark and recently expanded to the U.S. to make automation broadly accessible to large enterprises and SMEs alike. 

"We are happy to welcome Stu to our family of businesses. America urgently needs automation for reshoring production, and with his experience and reputation, he can help us connect the industry with the right opportunities," said Søren Peters, CEO of Gain & Co and HowToRobot. 

Based near Detroit, Michigan, Stu joins Gain & Co and HowToRobot to offer his deep experience ranging from large corporations to SMEs in markets including Aerospace, Automotive, Logistics/Material Handling, Metal Fabrication and Machining, Medical, Packaging/Palletizing, and more.

Stu is also a Past Chairperson and Board Member of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Past Chairperson of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), and long-time member of the American Welding Society. Lastly, Stu is an active member of the AWS D-16 Robots and Automatic Welding Committee and Safety Sub-Committee.


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