Stronglife Weight Loss in Lithia Combines a High-Fat, Low-Carb Eating Plan to Help Patients Drop Unwanted Pounds

Dr. Justin Scott with Stronglife Weight Loss uses a program that is designed to put the body into a natural state of nutritional ketosis by eating the highest-quality foods available

Stronglife Weight Loss

Dr. Justin Scott at Stronglife Weight Loss in Lithia uses a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate eating plan designed to put the body into a natural state of nutritional ketosis. Nutritional ketosis is the state a person achieves when they enter a fat-burning state. "Nutritional ketosis is an exceptionally healthy way to create the conditions your body needs to stay healthy and age well," Dr. Justin Scott explains. "It's quite the shift from the typical American way of eating — which is notorious for its excessive refined grains, sugars, and low-quality fats."

Dr. Justin Scott and his team at Stronglife Weight Loss use weekly body-composition analysis, weekly nutritional consultations with a weight loss coach, detailed-explanation eating plans and lifestyle modifications, access to carefully selected dietary products and supplements, access to a private Facebook group for accountability, and potluck social gathers to help members succeed in the program. "The foods that make up a ketogenic lifestyle are delicious, satisfying, satiating, and absolutely energizing. Once you make the switch to burning fat as fuel, you will be free of hunger, cravings, and any feelings of deprivation that accompany the vast majority of 'diets,'" Dr. Scott boasts.

Dr. Scott and Stronglife Weight Loss use the science of ketones to help clients drop unwanted weight. Ketones are energy molecules that are a source of caloric energy in the body that are used by the brain, heart, and muscles in the same manner as is glucose (sugar). They are produced in the liver as a by-product of fat metabolism when — owing to extreme restrictions of dietary carbohydrates — insulin, blood sugar and liver glycogen levels are very low. "Ketones are a brilliant evolutionary adaption that provides a critically important fuel for your body and brain during times of food scarcity," Dr. Scott explains. "Whenever your supply of carbohydrates from food is low or nonexistent, your body is able to convert fat to ketones. When you are fully fat-adapted and keto-adapted, your muscles burn mostly fat for fuel while the ketones produced by the liver are prioritized for use by the brain."

With the Stronglife Weight Loss Program, clients have the following unique benefits: ability to lose 2-5 pounds of fat a week, have increased energy, have increased brain function, have stable blood sugar, have decreased inflammation, have improved cholesterol, have improved sleep, and have a naturally suppressed appetite. Stronglife Weight Loss is located off Fishhawk Crossing Boulevard in Lithia, Florida, and is open Monday-Friday.

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