Strong Motor Skills Linked to Academic Success in Children

Academic achievement and athletics are often thought to be two mutually exclusive talents, with very little overlap. Just because a child excels at dodge ball doesn't necessarily mean that that they are a whiz at math. Or does it?

 A slew of recent studies have found a significant correlation between strong motor skills and academic achievement in children. Researchers are discovering that children who engage in sports, or simple activities such as playing catch, tend to perform better in school. The Qball is a simple and effective tool that exercises a child’s motor skills and cognition simultaneously, helping children to become better athletes and students.

A study in Finland found that children who performed better in agility, speed and manual dexterity tests also had higher reading and arithmetic scores. Conversely, children with poor motor skills scored lower in both reading and mathematical tests. Today’s children spend an increasing amount of time indoors, and when they do play games it tends to be within the two-dimensional world of video and computer games. This is not only having a negative impact on their physical health, but on their cognitive health as well. It is believed that developing strong motor skills early in life strengthens the neural connections that help children perform many academic tasks later on, particularly math and reading.

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Bob Martyn, Founder

The Qball is a unique tool that can be used to enhance a child’s manual dexterity, while also exercising their mathematical and learning skills. A solid rubber reaction ball with numbers etched on each side, the Qball has an erratic bounce that helps develop a child’s hand-eye coordination and mental focus. At the same time children can engage in simple and fun mathematical games, helping them master the basics of addition, subtraction and multiplication. The Qball helps reinforce the connection between cerebral smarts and cerebellar dexterity, helping a child reach their full potentially both athletically and academically.​

Bobby Martyn invented the Qball in 2014 with a view to helping people enhance their eye hand coordination, reflexes, focus and working memory. Children, adults and the elderly can learn and enhance their mind and bodies playing fun and easy games with the Qball. It is also beneficial for athletes looking to hone their skills and for therapists to use with patients of brain injuries or disorders to assist in fast and effective rehabilitation. For more information about the Qball visit

About Qball

The Qball is a solid rubber reaction ball that trains the mind and body, resulting in enhanced hand-eye coordination, focus and reaction times. It is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their motor coordination and memory skills.


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