Stroke Recovery Platform Wins SBA "Innovation Through Technology" Business of the Year Award

strokefocus, previously known as Wohaula, has been awarded the Small Business Association's (SBA) Innovation through Technology Business of the Year Award. strokefocus is a nationwide online support group offering community conversations, podcasts, webinars, education and mindfulness that stroke recovery lasts a lifetime.

strokefocus, previously known as Wohaula, has been awarded the Small Business Association’s (SBA) Innovation through Technology Business of the Year Award. Given by the Los Angeles District Office of the SBA, the annual award recognizes “the outstanding achievements of America’s small businesses for their contributions to their local communities, and to our nation’s economy.”

strokefocus is an online community created by stroke survivor Daniel Gu and his wife, Hong Ru, after Daniel suffered a severe stroke. Their goal was to make the journey of stroke recovery easier for others than it had been for them. Today, strokefocus is the only secure solution of its kind designed to bridge the gap between initial medical care and a lifetime of recovery from stroke. strokefocus estimates that for every 1,000 people affected by stroke, only a handful will have access to significant support after discharge.

The innovative strokefocus online presence and layered offerings support stroke survivors and caregivers across the world through peer support, training and education, clinical information, and social networks. The platform is fully integrated with various online resources and communities and is building affiliations with individuals and hundreds of stroke support groups across the country. 

The strokefocus website, podcasts, blogs, mobile app and nationwide speaking engagements educate survivors, caregivers, families and providers that recovery from stroke can be pursued over a lifetime and teaches them how to engage in the work that is to be done.   

“The goal of strokefocus is to offer a wide base of support and education for stroke survivors and caregivers,” said Alison Bonds Shapiro, stroke survivor and advisory board member. “Collectively, there are 6.5 million stroke survivors and caregivers in the United States, and once medical care ends we are on our own. strokefocus is a gathering place where people can share the knowledge and experience of fellow stroke survivors and pursue recovery and building a quality of life.”

Daniel and early members Alison, a stroke survivor, and Nancy Weckwerth, a stroke caregiver, both national speakers and published authors on stroke recovery, have created the only comprehensive platform of its kind designed to meet the unique needs of stroke survivors and caregivers. It provides:  

  • Online support groups: Stroke affects survivors’ mobility and financial means, making it almost impossible for many to attend local group meetings on a regular basis.
  • Information resource: strokefocus provides videos curated by members, document libraries, event management and email notifications to all members.
  • Sharing resources: For local support groups, provides a platform to pool resources together.
  • strokefocus is connected via live link to over 100 of the world’s most popular stroke and neurology blogs.
  • Private social media: Many survivors will not share on public platforms. In the strokefocus community, everyone understands stroke and brain injuries.  

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Millions of us are fighting to overcome stroke. Recovery and rebuilding our lives is the reality we deal with every day. All of us are trying and learning new things all the time. strokefocus provides national online support and education.