Strive Well-Being, Inc. Releases a Comprehensive Safe Return-to-Work Solution

A Fully Integrated and Customizable Risk Management Solution for Employers, Schools, and Public Agencies.

Strive Well-Being Safe Return-to-Work

​​Strive Well-Being, Inc. announced today the release of their comprehensive, user-friendly Return-to-Work (RTW) Solution—an intuitive solution for employers, schools, and public agencies to administer and manage their safe reopening plans and procedures.

Strive’s RTW solution integrates a daily COVID-19 symptom tracking tool, site-specific Safe-Reopening Plans (SRPs), secondary off-site screening options (nurse triage, at-home testing kits, and walk-in lab testing), and on-site screening options (temperature checks, nurse triage, secondary symptom screening). 

The platform leverages cutting-edge technology to provide employees with a reasonable assurance of safety as businesses and industries slowly reopen. It enables employers to administer and manage their overall return-to-work initiatives while addressing risk and liability concerns.

“This has been a challenging and trying time for everyone, and re-establishing a workplace where employees feel safe and comfortable is a new and unique challenge. It is our aim to help organizations and employees achieve this objective, as we all adapt to this new normal,” says Amit Sangani, President of Strive Well-Being, Inc.

As we looked at our own safe reopening plan, we identified a lot of unforeseen safety and liability risk exposures that weren’t being addressed by the federal and local recommendations. We were compelled to develop and deliver this platform to our clients to help them mitigate risks and provide their employees with a reasonable assurance of safety.”

Strive’s RTW platform is for employers seeking:

●        A simple-to-use, intuitive platform

●        A self-screening tool for employees to check COVID 19 symptoms

●        HIPAA compliance 

●        Easy employee communications with messaging and updates notifications

●        Consolidated protocols for customers, vendors, and visitors

●        A solution for off-site and on-site checkpoint protocols

●        At-a-glance, real-time reporting dashboard

●        To easily identify employee trends

●        Consolidated solutions for nurse triage, testing, and temperature checks

Simultaneously, Strive’s competence in delivering virtual wellness solutions provides complementary support for engaging and supporting remote employees. Live-Virtual and Interactive Fitness and Yoga Classes, Virtual Health Talks and Cooking Demos, Virtual Health Fairs, and Virtual Health Coaching are add-on services Strive rapidly deployed in response to COVID-19.

Strive’s Return-to-Work solution is above and beyond anything I’ve seen, and I’ve had the opportunity to view several vendor’s ‘solutions’, and none of them come close. Their RTW platform provides the safety and efficiency that we’re all looking for when getting ready to return to the office. And Strive’s support team is incredibly professional. They are always willing to go above and beyond for their clients. I could not speak more highly of Strive,” shares Sarah Lipton, Wellness Strategic Accounts of Anthem, Inc.

For more information on Strive’s RTW solutions, schedule a discovery call by clicking here or visit the Strive COVID-19 website.

About Strive Well-Being, Inc.

Strive Well-Being is a nationwide provider of workplace and community fitness and wellness services. Since 2008, Strive has supported the workplace wellness, community health, and government markets. Strive’s programs are delivered on-site or virtually. Strive fully administers and coordinates turnkey wellness programs for mid to large companies. As a recognized partner by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Strive’s evidence-based programs improve the culture of health, increase measurable levels of engagement, and contribute to reductions in health risks.

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About Strive Well-Being, Inc.

Strive Well-Being, Inc. is a nationwide fitness, wellness, and health promotion management company. Providing both virtual and onsite services to support workplace wellness, community health, and government agencies.

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