Streamlytics Survey: Disney+ Emerges as Streaming Service of Choice by African-Americans

2020 included the launch of four new streaming services with Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi but Disney+ was the service most people said they would subscribe to.

Emerging Streaming Platforms

With the launch of a myriad of new streaming services this year into a crowded marketplace of established streaming service providers, there is an ever-present effort to draw and retain the growing and vocal African-American subscriber. While many have focused on celebrating African-American content, Streamlytics, a data intelligence company that sources insights directly from consumer data feeds, revealed that the streaming service of choice for most African-Americans is Disney+ amongst all the new entrants.

Sixty-two percent of people said they are highly likely to sign up for Disney+ compared to newer services such as HBO Max and established services such as BET+. Even as BET+ holds a catalog of new African-American-focused content from headliners such as Tyler Perry, consumers still chose Disney+ more. 

Disney+ adds timeliness and relevance to its Black content, which may be why that streaming platform attracts more Black viewers than does BET+ with its all-Black cast shows. During the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, BET’s top offerings were mostly light-hearted drama, nostalgic sitcoms, and celebrity-packed entertainment. During that same period, Disney+ hosted its own Black content. Like Netflix, Apple, and Hulu, Disney+ focused on the Black Experience at a time when social justice became a national flashpoint. Its shows featured characters whose challenges were survival, feistiness, triumph, resilience, and overcoming inequality in pursuit of the American guarantee of equality.

While BET+ has its Black actors, culture and content - but little more beyond that - Disney+ integrates Black content with timely, inspirational, emotional, and relevant appeal and, by doing so, Disney wins. 

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