Strap Into the Cockpit With the New Hadley Rille Escadrille 43 Watch

The Hadley Rille Escadrille 43 combines timeless design with Swiss precision, unrivaled durability and legibility in a case diameter of 43 millimeters.

Hadley Rille Escadrille 43

The ESCADRILLE 43 started with a dream, a passion for style, and a commitment to exacting quality. From the dawn of flight, pilots relied on precision wrist watches for navigation and in flight calculations. Aviators utilized wrist watches as a tool and depended on their watch's legibility, durability, and endurance. The ESCADRILLE 43 combines robust durability and high-grade finishing with the heritage and spirit of adventure. Whether you are a pilot, a professional, or a weekend adventurer, the ESCADRILLE 43 is a trusted companion. 

Some of the finer points of design that went into the development of the Hadley Rille Escadrille 43 tie the watch into its aviation heritage. The sapphire crystal exhibition caseback provides a focus view of the finishing and quality of the Soprod C111 movement. It is highlighted by a brushed stainless steel pattern representing the blur of a jet turbine which is symbolic of Hadley Rille's aviation roots. 

Likewise, the small second hand derives its time scale from John Hadley's quadrant, which he designed in 1730. The spirit of John Hadley's invention and design are incorporated into the Flight Commander 43. 

The blue hands on the Flight Commander 43 harken to the hardened toughness, fine quality watchmaking and the tool watch adventure spirit of the Hadley Rille name. They also add an eye-catching blue hue when the watch face meets sunlight. 

Hadley Rille crafts timeless precision Swiss timepieces Ready For Adventure. 

Visit Hadley Rille for more information about how to pre-order the ESCADRILLE 43.

Hadley Rille, Limited

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