Strand Management Solutions, Migrates Data and Analysis from Excel to MS Access

We develop web based application and also design web databases for companies at NJ, PA, NY and other states in USA. Our custom apps are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a Database development and Web Application development company located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. Their services include moving data from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access to allow companies to deal with larger data collections which can be accessed simultaneous by multiple users. For large organizations Access is ideal because, as a Microsoft Office product, it can be deployed without internal IT department involvement. For small organizations MS Access can be cost effective because every workstation need not have the full version of Access. Systems can be deployed using the free version known as Microsoft Access Run Time.

Strand has assisted several companies move from Excel based data management to MS Access. A recent and typical small project was creation of a system that helped a certified public insurance adjustment firm that serves commercial and residential clients. The company wanted to more quickly and easily prepare reference lists that were customized for each prospective client. The solution was an MS Access database with parametrized queries that provide data to a number of customizable reports.

Strand reports that the easiest automation projects are those where the customer has an understanding of the data they need to collect and what outputs they expect. Clients already using MS Excel or another database product tend to have a good understanding of the details that might otherwise cause an automation project to go awry. Strand maintains that the worst kind of project is one where you don't realize that what the customer is telling you about their data is not accurate.

Another example project is for a large manufacturer who wants a system to record the cause of downtime events affecting their production manufacturing machines. Since the client has operators recording the information in Excel means that the parameters are known and that now the objective is how best to make entry quicker, easier and more standardized. Standardization of the entry will allow for better analysis and reporting. And good analysis systems allow management to ask better questions and implement better remediation plans.

Strand has been providing database development services for more than 30 years. They help clients decide which technology is most appropriate for the problem and then they provide customized solutions that precisely meet the business need.

The company was formed in 1979, and since then they have been delivering quality services to their clients. Each project has a team approach led by a senior manager. The team has the full spectrum of system architecture and design, database expertise, network analysis, code development and testing, code review and in-depth problem analysis resources.


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