Sträva Craft Coffee Has Contracted SA Capital Partners, LLC. in New York to Manage Investment Interest in the Company

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​Sträva Craft Coffee, Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of hemp-infused specialty coffee (CBD coffee), has enlisted the services of SA Capital Partners, LLC. to manage investment interest in the company during its early growth stage.

Public interest in hemp continues to grow across international markets as emerging research substantiates the health benefits of cannabis, including hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes.  According to the Brightfield Group, the U.S. market for hemp products is expected to surpass $24 billion by the year 2023, with food and beverage delivery methods being one of the fastest-growing segments within the industry.  Brightfield’s projection supports Sträva’s outlook that consumers will increasingly seek out the health benefits of hemp in familiar, habitual, healthy products. Sträva’s quality focus and first-to-market leadership position have made it one of the most respected and sought-after brands in the industry. 

Sträva delivers value to health-conscious consumers by seamlessly combining organic, broad-spectrum hemp extracts with fresh roasted specialty coffee, a combination many consumers find not just satisfying but often life-changing.  The company manufactures hemp-infused products such as whole bean coffee, Keurig compatible and Nespresso compatible single-serve pods out of its roastery in Denver, Colorado. Sträva CEO and co-founder Andrew Aamot says, “Far from being a novelty, CBD coffee is being embraced by consumers as an essential component of their health-focused lifestyle, and we see this trend accelerating in the years to come.”   

Global interest in cannabis businesses remains high, and well-positioned hemp companies are particularly attractive as they offer near-term opportunities for national and international growth with favorable regulatory tailwinds. “We see an unprecedented market opportunity for Sträva between 2020 and 2023, which promises to drive exponential growth for the brand.  Working with SA Capital Partners will help ensure we connect with the right venture capital partners to build upon the company’s success and take the Sträva brand to the next level,” states Andrew Aamot, CEO and co-founder of Sträva. 

Sträva first introduced hemp-infused coffee to the market in 2016 and has enjoyed year-over-year growth averaging greater than 100% in the time since. “We’re extremely proud of the quality and positive impact of the products we produce,” says Aamot, “and our desire is to bring the benefits of these products to as many consumers as possible – in the years to come we expect industry giants such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Lavazza, Costa and Luckin to all offer hemp-infused coffee options to their guests worldwide – and we’d love to help them do so.”  

Investment inquiries should be directed to SA Capital Partners, LLC.

Contact: or 212-777-3800

Brand and partnership inquiries should be directed to Sträva Craft Coffee, Inc.

Contact: or 800-204-6803

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Sträva Craft Coffee, Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of hemp infused specialty coffee (CBD coffee).

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