Story & Heart and the Academy of Storytellers Returns Home to Oregon

Academy Of Storytellers

Story & Heart, Inc., an Oregon-based company that also offers a range of online and in-person filmmaking workshops, as well as stock footage licensing, has bought back its company after it was acquired by Malaysian based multinational, Inmagine Group, in 2017. It will now be managed and run entirely by the original founder and the team in Portland.

CEO and Co-Founder David Singer commented, “We are beyond excited to bring Story & Heart and the Academy of Storytellers back in-house. Working with the Inmagine Group was a great experience and they offered us their expertise at a crucial time in our growth. The Academy is very hands-on and community-focused and it felt better served if it was something our dedicated team was able to fully run in-house ourselves. We are filmmakers and creators at heart and passionate about helping others make and share stories that are important to them. With the reacquisition complete, we are developing a new range of classes along with introducing additional services designed to help filmmakers achieve their personal and professional goals.” 

Story & Heart was originally founded in Oregon in 2015 when the company launched a stock footage licensing platform with content made by filmmakers for filmmakers. In 2016, the company introduced a wide range of online filmmaking workshops through its Academy of Storytellers, offering in-depth courses from experts in various aspects of the craft. Their On-Set videos follow a production from beginning to end, often including interviews with cast and crew about their process. The Academy also offers one-on-one mentoring for community members with many of the educators. 

“We believe that a story told well can change the world. And these passion films and documentaries can be brought to life by anyone. In Levi Allen’s Workshop, Niching Down to Scale Up, he asserts that ‘we can run our own movie studios out of our basement, that's phenomenal!’. This reality is why all of us at Story & Heart care so much about our community and continue to evolve as a resource for filmmakers in whatever stage of growth they are in as storytellers.”

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