Storm Relief From Hurricane Ian Aided by Local Dumpster Rental Service Team

Discount Dumpster has mobilized efforts to assist the communities of Tampa and Fort Myers, Florida, to recover from Hurricane Ian through dumpster rentals

Offering Dumpster Rental Donations to Public Service Businesses Hit by Hurricane Ian

As Southern Florida grapples with the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Ian, many companies and individuals are mobilizing their efforts to help residents get necessary provisions and clean up. Waste management companies are one of the most important players in organizing and assisting disaster relief for residents of Tampa and Fort Myers. Discount Dumpster is one of the local waste management companies moving quickly to provide relief in any way possible.

Co-founders of Discount Dumpster, Justin Mihalcin and Preston Dunn, were quick to comment on the effort. "Florida is close to our hearts, as we have an office and partners who work and live in Fort Myers," said Preston Dunn. "Seeing our staff and haulers distressed over the safety of their loved ones became more concerning than anything else."

Discount Dumpster is using company resources to aid the residents of Southern Florida by offering extensive price cuts and donations to public services in need of a dumpster to clean up the debris. The company is donating the one commodity it has most, dumpster rentals. 

Local service-based businesses of Southern Florida affected by Ian are eligible for dumpster donations. Donations are reserved for work on critical infrastructure and necessary services such as hospitals, schools, and public recreational facilities. 

About Discount Dumpster 

Discount Dumpster proudly serves both the Tampa Bay and Fort Myers communities with waste management services, along with other Florida communities in and around Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Ft. Lauderdale area. The dumpster rental company is dedicated to assisting cleanup and restoration efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Ian. If you are a victim of storm damage or are part of a greater service assisting storm victims, you can reach Discount Dumpster via website or by phone.

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