Storm Damages COVID-19 Test Locations, Lab

Teams working to restore locations & continue COVID-19 testing

California Storm

Three CityHealth COVID-19 testing locations in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland have been badly damaged by last night's storms in the Bay area.

In addition, one already damaged location was the victim of theft which resulted in the loss of laptop computers and essential testing supplies.

CityHealth's lab partner, Predicine Inc., was also impacted by the storm. The location suffered a loss of power which affected the server used to send out test results.

"Due to the severe rain and wind, we incurred a power outage last night," said Pan Du, Co-Founder and President of Predicine Inc. "One of our Covid-test reporting servers went down, causing report delivery to be delayed for 10 hours. Fortunately, lab operations were not delayed, thanks to a backup power system. Everything is back to normal now."

CityHealth teams have been working to fix the damage to COVID-19 testing locations in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland.

"The rain and wind storm that battered the Bay Area last night have unfortunately impacted several of our COVID-19 test sites. Tents were ripped from the ground and blown away at the Oakland Airport and Sacramento Airport test sites. Additionally, internet services went down at our San Francisco site, which was also burglarized last night with essential equipment and supplies stolen. The power also went out at our lab in Hayward with a loss of internet services and disruptions to lab testing.

Fortunately, our other sites were not impacted and are fully operational. Please be patient as we repair and restore our sites in Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento. We anticipate being ready to re-open tomorrow morning," said Sean Parkin, CEO of CityHealth Urgent Care.

CityHealth COVID-19 Test locations in Dublin (5380 Broder Blvd) and Livermore (3000 Campus Hill Dr, Lot P) remain fully functional and are continuing to offer both regular and expedited Molecular PCR tests. 

CityHealth has already contacted those whose COVID-19 test appointments have been impacted by the storm.

CityHealth is advising those with tests at the San Francisco (300 Jessie East) or Oakland Airport North Field location to report to either the Oakland Airport Terminal located at Curb 2 (between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) or to test centers in Dublin (5380 Broder Blvd) and Livermore (3000 Campus Hill Dr, Lot P) for testing.

CityHealth plans to have all damaged sites operational by Thursday morning.

Those who require a COVID-19 test and would like assistance are encouraged to visit or contact CityHealth at (510) 984-2489.


Sean Parkin
CityHealth Urgent Care 

Source: CityHealth Urgent Care