STORH Plastic-to-Fuels Market Update

Market Update January 2020


A review of STORH’s first year clearly demonstrates that it has accomplished a great deal in terms of acquiring its first-producing assets. These cashflow producing assets will provide the foundation for the company and allow management to focus on the execution of its Plastic-to-Liquids and integrated supply chain initiative. Its view is that the integrated supply chain and circular economy principles are key to the success of its mission. This initiative is called PolyStream. PolyStream is a multi-profit center model that adds margin to the downstream sales of product generated from converting plastic to liquids and fuels by upgrading the products through its proprietary process. Given the sensitivity to market pricing, this is what sets it apart from its competitors.

As 2020 unfolds, the general market segment will see a growing global focus on sustainability, as money will follow companies where pragmatism is embraced and near-term or existing cashflow is present. In order to continue providing flexibility and a managed risk approach, STORH’s asset holding company has a direct producing asset participation opportunity available for those who qualify. Along with new opportunities to get involved with STORH, it continues making efforts to enhance its capabilities and expand its reach by engaging several new fronts.  

STORH has opened conversations with several ocean cleanup companies with regard to collaborating on a joint venture. It envisions these collaborative efforts will create new ideas and solutions to address the challenges the environment faces concerning waste plastics, recycling and related logistics. 

Moreover, such joint ventures will give it access to large bottling companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle and others currently engaged with these ocean cleanup companies. Working with bottlers could give it a tremendous advantage within the supply chain and aligns extremely well with their new initiatives to address this plastic crisis. STORH’s management expects to solidify this joint venture in the coming weeks.

Another directive is to bring the opportunity closer to home in areas of strategic focus, mainly the EU and the UK. This would entail structuring the company closer to those markets and taking advantage of programs such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Horizon 2020, which pass along certain advantages and guarantees for local investment. 

The ever-increasing global energy consumption demands everyone’s focus. While facing the difficult realities that this new focus brings with it, STORH believes it will also provide exciting new opportunities. Adaptive players with critical experience – like STORH – will usher in this new era of diversified energy, creating a vibrant investment opportunity with near- and long-term growth potential. This is an investment that also offers an opportunity to do good, benefiting the environment as much as the investor. STORH is committed to being an integral part of the change that the energy industry needs. 

STORH is a resource holding company with a mission to give something back. By leveraging technology and adapting to a sustainability-based business model, the company aims to create a viable future for the environment and the communities it serves. 

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