StorageSeeker's Self Storage Rent Index Debuts's Self Storage Rent Index finds a -0.7% self storage rental rate decrease nationally while some cities see major changes. Logo, the nation's leading online self storage reservation network, is pleased to announce the debut of its Self Storage Rent Index, a series of monthly rental rate updates for self storage unit market prices in cities across the United States. Self storage units are rented by approximately 10% of US households and millions of businesses. Knowing if storage prices are increasing or decreasing where someone rents storage space or where they are moving, may help save a lot of money in rent payments over time.

On a national level, self storage rental rates trended down in November 2016, with a monthly decline of -0.7% on average. However, at the local level, there were some cities with significant rental rate changes during the same period. Below are the Top 10 major cities that saw either storage rent decreases or increases across the US in November.

Top 10 Average Self Storage Price Decreases in Major Markets

Fremont, CA -8.0%
Buffalo, NY -6.3%
Garland, TX -5.5%
Miami, FL -5.0%
Colorado Springs, CO -5.0%
Oakland, CA -4.3%
Aurora, CO -4.1%
Omaha, NE -4.1%
Philadelphia, PA -3.9%
Irvine, CA -3.8%


Top 10 Average Self Storage Price Increases in Major Markets

Raleigh, NC 3.9%
New York, NY 3.8%
Stockton, CA 3.6%
Jersey City, NJ 3.2%
Riverside, CA 1.9%
San Bernardino, CA 1.8%
Baltimore, MD 1.7%
Birmingham, AL 1.7%
Anchorage, AK 1.5%
Anaheim, CA 1.3%


About's Self Storage Rent Index's Self Storage Rent Index looks at rent changes for same-store units in over 3,000 cities around the country to monitor the overall health of the self storage rental industry on both a national and local level. For an expanded view of major market self storage unit price changes please see these Top 50 Self Self Storage Rent Changes.

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