Stopping the Spread of Disease-Causing Pathogens in Building Drain Pipes​

Stopping the Spread of Disease Causing Pathogens in Building Drain Pipes​

brand-new study, noting COVID-19's resilient survival on surfaces and in human waste, suggests that "measures to prevent aerosolization from plumbing, as might have occurred (during the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong), might need to be implemented."

A Possible Global Solution: A Green Drain which is a silicone one-way valve that installs into drains in seconds. It allows water and debris to flow down the drain while keeping everything down them, such as contagious disease-causing pathogens, toxic sewer gases, radon, odors, insects and stops minor flooding from backed-up plumbing.

There are two ways to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens in drains: 

1) Attempt to kill pathogens along the drain path with dangerous environmentally harmful chemicals; or

2) Block the pathway, before pathogens rise up through the drain. 

Killing pathogens in pipes is nearly impossible. Pipes contain a biofilm that most harsh chemicals claim to kill, but do not have the contact time to remove it, especially in vertical pipes or over long distances. In an expensive and futile attempt to stop the spread, dangerous chemicals are used causing a false sense of containment, creating health hazards and environmental damage.

In low use drains the water in P-traps evaporates, exposing the pathogens and sewage gases in pipes to people. Air pressure differences between buildings and drains draw those pathogens indoors. Green Drain is the only product on the market with a silicone skirt technology that prevents bacteria, viruses & insects that use the drainage system as a pathogen highway. It also saves enough water to fill a swimming pool per year where trap primers are used & it eliminates the need for harmful and dangerous chemicals.

Diseases causing pathogens have the potential to transmit through sinks and drains. Green Drain’s pathway blocking technology may be the best solution.

Washing hands, social distancing, face to face contact, and preventing contact from infected individuals is the first line of defense in defending against any pandemic. Facilities without drain trap seals like hospitals, apartment complexes, food preparation facilities, and airports need to be protected immediately, to help stop the spread of diseases through drains.

Source: Green Drain