Stone Fireplaces Offers Discounted Prices on a Huge Selection of Marble Fireplace Surrounds and Cast Stone Mantel Facings

Stone Fireplaces

​​Stones Fireplaces is a leading supplier of Black Marble Bolection Mantel Surround and cast stone mantels, precast surrounds, and overmantels for over a decade. Their staff does provide their clients with the best possible experience, service and products. They allow their customers to customize their products.

While speaking about their recent offers, one of the directors says, "Black Marble Bolection Mantel Surround is a favorite design suitable for modern, traditional or transitional spaces. Modeled like a classic French design the inner panels can be added to fit, thus surrounding the firebox opening. The black marble fireplace mantels are gorgeously crafted to represent the key French style of architecture. Stone Fireplaces has a huge array of cast stone mantel facings and marble fireplace surrounds. We manufacture and design a range of traditional mantels and modern surrounds."

They work with their clients to add quality to any room in their home living, master, bathroom, or outdoor patio. Uniqueness in design is achieved by the organic features of the limestone or marble ensures that each custom design is unique. They import the highest quality stones and engage with expert artsans to give their clients the very best products. Their clients can choose a Modern, French, Old English, Italian, or a different style.

Their clients can also make their customized design, guided by their experts. The stones used have limitless texture. They have stones with rough aggregate finishes and those with natural grooves and incises. Their installers are experienced in installing fireplaces over the years, and their expertise is the finishing touch to any project is amazing. They advise their clients to call for installation details or advice. They are a reliable source for those looking to buy black marble fireplace mantels.

Their sales executive said, "Our fireplace mantel facing is capable of suiting anyone's style, pocket, style or desire. Our Trade Series fireplaces are not only beautiful but also affordable. We offer the most attractive prices from those in the market. We can provide swift delivery and installation for our Trade Series mantels. We advise our clients to use our quote page to fill out the dimensions of your fire box and surrounding area to enable us to provide them with an appropriate quote. We work with our clients to correct dimensions and measurements if they do not fit the client's needs."

They advise their clients to take pictures of their walls and do the desirable measurements then, either fax or scan and email them the picture with those dimensions. The cast stone fireplaces price is affordable and highly discounted. The company’s cast stones are lightweight for easy transportation and installation. Their cast stone, GFRC gallery, precast gives their clients a taste of the possibilities available for creating their home.

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Stone Fireplaces advise their clients to buy black marble fireplace mantels since it is one of the most popular designs best for modern, transitional or traditional spaces. They also have other products like the Italian Regal that is a traditional white marble fireplace with attractive gray veining. The legs give the fireplace design a royal feel as they are lion paws. The beautiful white marble (Carrara style) makes the finely hand-carved details apparent. The Italian marble fireplace product offers the best manifestation of fine artistry. They advise their clients to visit their website and order Italian marble fireplaces online.

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Stones Fireplaces is a leading supplier of marble fireplaces and cast stone mantels, precast surrounds, and over mantels.

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