Stock Market Skills 2018: Wealthy Investor TV Episode Seven

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David Bruce and Tyrone Jackson

2018 started with a bang for most stock market traders and investors. Recent changes in the U.S. tax law have caused Dow and S&P stocks to rise dramatically. Hedge funds trading in corporate accounts are the biggest recipients of the lower tax rates on capital gains. “However, it’s not just big hedge funds who are enjoying the abundance created by rising stocks,” says Tyrone Jackson, of the Wealthy Investor program and Wealthy Investor Trade “Many self-directed investors are also benefiting from the rise in stocks.”

Students of the Wealthy Investor program are among them. In episode seven of Wealthy Investor TV, Jackson’s most recent guest is real estate professional turned part-time stock market trader, David Bruce. In episode seven of Wealthy Investor TV, Mr. Bruce discusses how he uses covered call writing and dividend collection to benefit his portfolio. To view episode seven of Wealthy Investor TV, visit

Trading and investing in the stock market can create success with the right financial education.

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