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Andre Blake with Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor

The world of stock and options trading is often viewed as mystical. This is due in part, because up until recently, only Wall street’s hedge funds have mastered the art of trading stocks and long call options, known as LEAPS. However in the past 7 years, trading both stocks and LEAPS options has become a growing sport for retail investors who earn money trading stocks, online, part-time. “I’ve seen an extraordinary interest in options trading,” says Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor.

The latest episode of Wealthy Investor TV, features stock market trader and investor, Andre Blake.  In Episode number five, Mr. Blake sits down with Tyrone Jackson to discuss his positive trading habits, and how he uses LEAP options to increase his trading success during bull markets. When asked why he was attracted to the Wealthy Investor approach, Mr. Blake said, "It helps me trade stocks and options for financial freedom. The Wealthy Investor program provides me with the education to make additional income above and beyond my profession." 

Wealthy Investor TV has quickly gained a following on YouTube, and has reached a worldwide audience and each episode gets thousands of views per day. You can watch episode five directly on YouTube, or on the Wealthy Investor website at

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