Stirling Professional CBD Now Available in 200-Plus Chiropractic Offices in the US

Stirling provides healthcare practitioners with the industry's most powerful and trusted lotions, gels and balms to help alleviate joint pain.

Stirling Professional CBD, an industry leader with the most potent and all-natural CBD products, is now available in more than 200 chiropractic offices across the United States.

Founded in 2018, Stirling Professional CBD is only sold in chiropractic and other professional offices and is not for sale directly to consumers. Stirling Professional is a proud partner in many national and state chiropractic associations. In fact, Stirling has a group of core chiropractors who act as their product development team for the formulation of new products. 

"Before deciding to sell Stirling CBD in my office, I needed to be 100% certain it was the quality our office needed," said Dr. Chris Perron of Perron Chiropractic in Reston, VA. "Very few sellers could hand me their third-party testing on a regular basis. Stirling has done so every time. I vetted the company's product quality and service to make sure Stirling provided our patients benefits outweighing the cost of the products. I tested their products personally and have been seeing strong results with my patients' overall health and well-being while taking them. They continually re-purchase Stirling products without hesitation."

"Their product selection continues to evolve and improve," said Dr. Matt Arthur of 919Spine Chiropractic in Holly Springs and Morrisville, North Carolina. "I believe their topicals and oils are the best in the business."

Designed to help alleviate joint pain, Stirling's Professional CBD lotions are among the most powerful lotions on the market. In addition, all of Stirling's CBD lotions, gels, and balms are non-GMO-produced, organic, THC-free, vegan, free from additives and chemicals, and are never tested on animals.

One of Stirling's most popular CBD lotions is the Relaxing Lavender Lotion, which is designed to calm the mind, relax the body, and soothe the skin. While lavender is already well-known for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties, combining lavender with CBD oil brings balance, enhances mood, and promotes overall health and wellness. 

In addition, the Lavender Lotion also includes shea butter, an additional anti-inflammatory that serves as an antioxidant and aids in moisturizing. Other Stirling lotions include Soothing Cool Menthol, Athlete's Muscle Gel, Summertime Aloe Vera, and Magnesium Infused Balm to help break down cramps.

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