Stirling CBD Shares Insights on CBD Isolate and What It's Used For

CBD Isolate is pure CBD that contains no THC. It is a white powdered substance that can be added into other formulations to incorporate the positive effects of CBD.

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Relatively unknown until recently, CBD Isolate is among the fastest-growing products in the CBD industry. Joe Kryszak, CEO of Stirling CBD, offers insight about CBD Isolate and why it is red hot. "CBD Isolate is one of the most versatile ingredients in the growing CBD market, mainly due to its powdered form and oil-solubility. This combination makes it ideal for companies and consumers to use it in their own unique product formulations."

Kryszak added, "CBD Isolate is tasteless, odorless, and oil soluble. It is pure CBD and tests at 99.6% CBD with no THC. The super fine powder is easy to use and mix into just about anything: lotions, balms, topicals, massage oils, and cooking coils are just some products our CBD Isolate mixes well with."

A great example of CBD isolate's versatility is its application in massage therapy. Stirling quickly learned that massage therapists had strong preferences for massage oils, often having a personal bond with their regular choices. Understanding that massage therapists would not switch from their favorite oil, Stirling devised a strategy to address this concern. 

The solution? Add CBD Isolate to their current massage oils. This alternative allowed therapists to continue using their favorite products and simply add Stirling's CBD Isolate to their formula. Because CBD isolate is oil soluble, it's the perfect addition to any massage oil. It was a win-win for therapists and patients; massage therapists can continue to use their favorite products, and patients have the option to integrate CBD isolate into their massage therapy.

In addition to professionals using CBD isolate, Kryszak outlined four more reasons people buy CBD Isolate:

  1. DIY CBD Products - Consumers can incorporate CBD Isolate into their own formulations for effective and consistent finished goods. People have added CBD Isolate to their shampoos, body soaps, and lotions.
  2. Pets - Some dog owners use CBD Isolate in their furry friends' meals. A very small amount of CBD isolate in each meal can help reduce pain and anxiety.
  3. Tinctures - Add CBD isolate to MCT oil to make a CBD Tincture. With the precise dosing, dosing from CBD Isolate, consumers can get the exact strength of CBD they're looking for.
  4. Baking - Using CBD isolate is a great way to incorporate CBD into homemade edibles, such as cookies, cakes, slices, biscuits, and much more.

All Stirling products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC as federal law requires. For more information regarding Stirling CBD's product lineup, please visit

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Founded in 2014 in Santa Cruz, CA, as a premium cannabis flower company, Stirling launched its first CBD products in 2018. Stirling continues to lead in new product innovation and quality and sells a full lineup of Hemp-Based CBD, Delta 8-THC, and Delta 9-THC Products. Stirling launched its Professional Brand - Stirling Professional CBD - which is sold wholesale to Chiropractors, Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, PTs, and Massage Therapists.

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