StickaTIP LLC Announces the Launch of StickaTIP - a Sticker Based Cashless Tipping App for iOS and Android

New Patent Pending cashless tipping app released

StickaTIP - Cashless Tipping App

StickaTIP LLC announced the launch of StickaTIP, a cashless tipping app now available for both iOS and Android devices.  Allowing users to tip with privacy from their phones, anywhere that a StickaTIP sticker or StickaKEY is displayed.

Of the company’s announcement, StickaTIP’s Founder and CEO Mark Legg said "We are excited to announce the launch of StickaTIP, helping our customers and service providers connect and send tips directly through our app using a single device and a unique sticker. StickaTIP allows registered users to receive tips without their phones, from a distance and with no awkward exchange of private data. In addition to our users sharing their unique StickaKEY’s online or in person, our sticker based payment system allows users to turn any object into a tip jar including to name a few, guitars, drums, speakers, name-badges, existing tip jars, laptops, banners, billboards, vehicles, and valet stands. We have strived through the development of StickaTIP to provide the simplest possible solution to cashless tipping, with the added appeal of customized stickers for each service provider, and we look forward to seeing how creative our users will be with their own StickaTIP stickers and StickaKEY’s."

About StickaTIP LLC: StickaTIP LLC is a software services company based in Houston, TX. Founded in January 2018, StickaTIP has designed and developed a mobile payment platform allowing registered customers and service providers to connect and send tips or donations quickly and easily on a cashless basis with a single device and a unique geo-coded, waterproof sticker.

For more information please contact the StickaTIP team using the email below.



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Software Services Company - Developing StickaTIP a new cashless tipping app linking customers and service providers with a single device and a sticker.

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