Steven G. Foster, CMP's New Book 'Full-Throttle Leadership' is About Leadership Lessons Learned in Service to Others on a Cross-Country Motorcycle Ride Across the U.S.

Fulton Books author Steven G. Foster, CMP is an award-winning speaker, business consultant, team-builder, and a passionate advocate for giving back in the communities where we live, work, and meet. He's also a Harley-Davidson LIFE member. In his most recent book "Full-Throttle Leadership: Passion, Power, Purpose on the Edge of America," he recounts his 13,000-mile solo motorcycle ride along the perimeter of the country, revealing lessons on service, sacrifice and purposeful leadership.

His experience during the ride is truly a revelation; 34 days, 34 states, and 13,000 miles wearing a pair of combat boots to raise awareness and support for the Boot Campaign, a national veterans service organization where he serves as an ambassador and advisory board member. The author takes you to the most memorable places he visited: from "Sea to Shining Sea," but more importantly, the remarkable people who made his "Full-Throttle Leadership Ride" a life-changing experience. Each mile riding alone through wicked thunderstorms, scorching heat, a mountain wildfire, and the constant deluge of assorted bugs, dirt, and grime provides the backdrop for stories of the people he encountered in small towns and big cities across America who exemplified what is truly at the core of great leadership: service, sacrifice, and a commitment to helping others navigate the challenges of their own personal and professional "ride." 

Their stories sustained him then and inspire him now, fueling his passion to inspire others to become "force multipliers for goodness." You don't have to ride a motorcycle to become a full-throttle leader, but Steven's journey as a biker, entrepreneur, and Force Multiplier for Good provides a road map for anyone on how to run wide open to serve the people who saddle up with you every day to do the work you do, whatever it may be. 

If ever there was a moment to throttle up and refuel your own leadership ride, that moment is now.

Published by Fulton Books, Steven G. Foster, CMP's book is a meaningful and inspirational work.

Readers who wish to experience this influential work can purchase "Full-Throttle Leadership" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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