Steve Sucher Prepares Community for Important Car Wash Fundraiser

​Over the past few years, Steve Sucher has visited numerous baseball diamonds around the greater St. Louis area. From the suburbs to the inner-city, Sucher noticed one trend. That trend is the poor shape of many baseball fields and lack of superior equipment used by the children playing the game.

"I loved playing the game growing up, but was able to have great equipment," Sucher recalls. "Seeing so many children not have the same experience is troubling."

Yes, it's about raising money for a great cause, but this can also be fun for the kids.

Steve Sucher

Sucher decided to do something about the problem. He pondered for many hours about what to do to help the children who play baseball in his city. "Going around to different companies begging for donations would have been hard in this economy," says Sucher. "But I then thought of many other options to raise money."

That is when the idea of a car wash fundraiser at various establishments popped into his mind. These car washes hosted by local teams in gas stations and restaurant parking lots would raise money. Also, the children get to connect with the community and provide an opportunity to gain more interest in the program.

Idea Still In Planning State

Sucher is still going over the concept and trying to establish a list of local businesses interested in hosting a car wash. There are many steps yet needed to overcome before presenting to the baseball federations.

"The idea to raise money should be a focal point for the baseball leagues, but takes time away from teaching baseball," explains Sucher. "I want to be able to present a full plan to these leagues."

The plan still needs many businesses to jump on board with the idea. Hosting a car wash fundraiser in their parking lot could bring more traffic to their establishment. Hosting means more money made on a day that usually is slow.

Another benefit of a car wash fundraiser is the children get to bond. With the busy family and work schedules, it's hard to find time to bond off the baseball field. Letting the children wash cars brings another dynamic to the fundraiser. "Yes, it's about raising money for a great cause, but this can also be fun for the kids," Sucher states. "They get to raise money for new equipment, but also have a blast doing it."

Not only can players benefit from the car wash fundraiser, but the parents too. Parents can socialize during the fundraiser and make connections for the season. This opportunity to socialize can help with car rides and plan other social events involving the team.

Funds Raised Going Towards Equipment And Trips

Every team needs a certain amount of equipment for the season. From baseballs to gloves to adequate uniforms, the money from these potential fundraisers can help immensely. Also, one aspect of the fundraiser is to raise money for potential out-of-state tournaments these teams can participate on a more significant level.

"There are many tournaments outside the state that can showcase talent to more eyes," explains Sucher. "This means for the older, teenager players can be scouted, and possibly gain interest for colleges down the line."

In years past, some teams would perform well enough to advance to regional tournaments. But because of lack of funding, these exceptional teams were not able to participate. They miss out on a bigger stage to play on and gain exposure. "The money raised would be set aside for tournaments, travel, and replacement of equipment in the future," Steve Sucher states.

Finally, the process will take some time to sort out and be able to be presented to the local baseball federations. Sucher is hoping to offer the completed proposal in the coming months.

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