Steve Sucher Creates a Fundraising Campaign to Renovate the Local Park

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Steve Sucher witnessed the place that used to be his playground as a kid become filled with tall weeds, beer cans and stray cats.

Children are now playing on the streets because they don’t have a playground anymore. Sadly, this can lead to accidents as well.  

Not only children benefit from cleaning and taking care of our local park. Many of us go to gyms simply because we don't have a green place near us. There is something in this park that will appeal to everyone regardless of age.

Steve Sucher

"The children in this neighborhood should not be in the streets playing," said Sucher. "It's too dangerous, and this community would be heartbroken to see an accident happen on these streets."

He then decided that it was about time someone did something to save the park and playground that benefits everyone, regardless of age.

Many of us spend most of our time working. An occasional walk in the park can only do us good. Unfortunately, when the city doesn’t take care of its parks, everyone suffers.

Steve Sucher also found out that the plot is owned by the city, which made things easier. Sucher says, "If there were a private owner of the lot, we would have had to work with that person on the idea, which sometimes is not an ideal situation."

Sucher participated in a council meeting where he discussed the dangers of not having a playground, as well as the number of kids playing in the streets.

The young man, along with two community leaders, pitched his idea and he managed to convince a local landscaping company to clean the area and prepare it for the next step.

Steve Sucher spent quite a lot of time going from door to door until he found a company that was willing to help the initiative by donating playground equipment.

Donors supported the entire project. While the city council didn’t contribute with donations, they did their best to speed up the process by dealing with all the paperwork for free, and by making sure no legal issues arose.

The man behind the initiative is also proud of the locals and how much they wanted to help. The fundraising campaign, along with the volunteers, brought the community together for a good cause.

All the volunteers from all over the St. Louis area came to help with the assembly of the playground components. In less than three days, the playground had a rock climbing wall, a balance beam, a slither slide and more.

To the surprise of Sucher, the community also came together with donations in the forms of uniforms, balls, plants, etc.

Sucher believes that the park brought the community members together to fight for a good cause. They helped keep children away from using the streets as a playground and the playground provided a green, clean space for everyone to enjoy.

Steve Sucher is proud of his contribution to the revival of the local park. He hopes that community members will be open to other projects too.

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