Steve Jobs and I - Biography EBook Available Now In PDf

Cristina Corban's book uses the 'Laws of Attraction' concept to explain to the common reader (how Steve's Jobs life and her life make a whole different sense when seen through Law of Attraction's perspective)

Valenii de Munte, Bucharest Geophysical engineer and inspirational professional, Christina Corban, has released a Steve Jobs biography in PDF, mobi, ePub; Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction's perspective. Through this book, Cristina describes about the spiritual philosophy of Steve Jobs and how Law of Attraction perspective provides a common ground for lives that are apart physically, geographically, politically but share a belief in following the passion and inspiration. The book is now available on sale through Amazon and

A superficial glimpse of their lives may lead one to believe that Steve's and the authors lives are diametrically opposite to each other. But a deep analysis shows that their lives are indeed intertwined by a common factor- The Law of Attraction( ). This theory is based on the principle that like attracts like, and whatever happens in a person's life is a manifestation of his thoughts.

"While I was born in communist Romania, where even the most bare essentials were rationed, Steve was born in the United States- the epitome of freedom. But the contradictions end there. A deeper study of Steve's less discussed aspects showed me how his philosophies are the same as my spiritual perspectives," says Cristina. One instance of such similarity is about Steve's experiment with eastern spirituality when he encountered a Guru on a journey to India. She goes to explain about her experiments with yoga.

"But both of us overcame obstacles by shaping our lives according to our visionand not according to the status quo I aim to help my readers by showing them how focus and intent can change their lives, irrespective of the situation that they face," adds Christina. The book carries a subtle self-help undertone, but the message is delivered in a clear and concise manner.

"When reading the book, one cannot help but find a whole new level of appreciation for Steve Jobs's spirituality," says Dr. R. A. Benson, Executive Director, Legions of Light Foundation. In his forward, he also mentions about the book being a testament to the resilience and brilliance of the author.

About Cristina Corban: Cristina is an inspiration professional and geophysical engineer, who manages to live a life driven by passion and intuition . She has now written a book, Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction's perspective that focuses on the life of Steve Jobs, underlying aspects with few examples of her own life. To know more, visti,


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