StereoVision Announces a Special Dividend for Shares of Their Majority Owned Medical Marijuana Clinic and Hemp Company CannaVision

StereoVision Entertainment Inc. a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTCPINK:SVSN) announced today that upon an effective SEC registration statement of their majority owned Florida medical cannabis and hemp C corp CannaVision, StereoVision shareholders of record as of May 7th 2017 on a pro rata basis, will share a dividend of 500,000 CannaVision free trading shares.

“We’ve found a niche in the medical cannabis industry with nominal licensing requirements, modest start-up costs, and explosive growth potential,” said StereoVision CEO Jack Honour. “We’re doing this pro rata dividend so the SVSN shareholders can share in some of the front-end upside potential of the current publicly traded medical marijuana and hemp markets. With CannaVision’s Compassionate Care Clinics, per Florida’s medical marijuana laws, patients whose conditions qualify them for medical cannabis must get a recommendation from a certified medical marijuana doctor. CannaVision Clinics will provide certified medical marijuana doctors at all clinics. Per Florida law patients receiving medical cannabis treatments must return for a check-up every 90 days. We’re also actively working on entering the global hemp industry”

“When a CannaVision patient receives a medical marijuana recommendation from our doctors,” Honour continued, “our strategic medical cannabis dispensary sends the medical cannabis products directly to the patient. We plan to open clinics in all Florida population centers and extend the reach of CannaVision Clinics into as many of the 22 medical cannabis states as is practical. CannaVision Chairman, Florida certified medical marijuana M.D., Dr. Jay Ellenby, who is staffing for a Miami clinic and overseeing the roll out our planned network of clinics, has received considerable interest on several levels from Florida’s medical community. As our doctors give patients physicals to determine if they qualify for cannabis treatment, we’ll be conducting treatment R&D and seeking to discover new and more effective methods for treating medical cannabis patients, while generating a continuous stream of data on the efficacy of medicinal cannabis. Having seen the amazing results medical cannabis treatments are having, with zero chance of overdose deaths, it’s very gratifying to be a part of bringing patients this new form of natural medicine that for so many has such an immediately positive impact on their everyday quality of life.”

StereoVision ( headquartered in Las Vegas, Nv., StereoVision is a publicly traded Nevada corp focused on creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content with its media subsidiaries the majority owned family entertainment company Inspirational Vision Media ( the wholly owned 9 time Emmy Award winning production company REZN8, ( and the majority owned Florida medical cannabis and hemp subsidiary, MediCannaVision Inc., dba CannaVision. 

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StereoVision ( HQ'd in Las Vegas StereoVision is a publicly traded Nevada corp (OTC:SVSN) focused on creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content and the medical cannabis and hemp industries.

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