Stepico Starts Developing a Sci-Fi Shooter Inspired by the Last of Us in Unreal Engine

Expanding its scope of services, the European game development company launched a new department directed at creating games on Unreal Engine and started a new gaming project.

Unreal Engine Game Development By Stepico

Stepico Games has ventured into Unreal Engine game development to initiate more sizeable projects using trending technologies. The company is already working on its first Unreal project, a sci-fi FPS game, Discovery. Stepico was inspired by popular titles such as The Last of Us, Halo, and Dishonored.

A brief overview of Unreal Engine

Unreal is one of the most powerful and versatile game engines on the market. It boasts a wide range of features, including advanced graphics rendering, physics simulation, and a comprehensive toolset for game development. Following the release of Unreal Engine 5, developers now have access to even more cutting-edge components such as Nanite, which allows millions of polygons to be rendered in real-time, and Lumen, a fully dynamic global illumination solution. 

The engine has been used to create a vast array of games, from indie projects to AAA titles such as FortniteGears of War, and Batman: Arkham Knight. With its ease of use and extensive feature set, it's no wonder that Unreal Engine has become a top choice for game developers worldwide.

Testing the power of Unreal

"We saw the opportunity in the Unreal Engine," says Nikola Pisetskyi, CEO of Stepico, "so we decided to expand our powerful game development skillset. Now, in addition to mid-core and casual games, we can develop big titles on PC and console using the vast potential of Unreal Engine. Discovery is the first step towards our goal of becoming the leader of Unreal game development."

The company's upcoming game uses the power of Unreal Engine 5 and its components. Roman Yermakov, Art Director of Stepico, says, "We've chosen Unreal Engine for its focus on next-generation graphics and ability to render complex scenes with high fidelity." Hence, Discovery features stunning realistic visuals and VFXs, complex global illumination, and an immersive cinematic experience.

Future plans

"We have far-reaching ambitious plans for the game," claims Roman Yermakov. "Stepico plans to recruit a powerful mocap studio for our project and involve famous actors for voice acting. Our plans also include creating characters based on well-known actors."

You can sneak a peek at the game's visuals on Behance.

About Stepico Games

Stepico Games is a game development company with 200+ experts on board, specializing in producing games for PC, mobile, and consoles. The company provides full-cycle game development services, covering both the technical side and art production. 

Stepico is known for its collaborations with leading game distributors like Immutable, DreamWorks, Gameloft, and Universal Studios. Their featured projects include Guild of Guardians, Fishing Rival, MMA Manager, Nile Valley, BigFoot, and others.

Source: Stepico Games

About Stepico Games Limited

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