Stephen Lottridge's New Book, 'The Old Bison,' a Compelling Series of Autobiographical Stories, Recounts Peaceful and Turbulent Moments in a Deeply Considered Man's Life

Fulton Books author Stephen Lottridge, a former professor of Slavic languages and literature, a retired clinical psychologist, and a skillful writer, has completed his most recent book, The Old Bison, an absorbing narrative that details the author's journey from boyhood in the tiny mining towns of the mountain and sagebrush West to the present day. In this recollection, Stephen Lottridge presents, in eloquent prose, the intensity, joy and pain of human relationships and our intimate connection with the rest of the natural world.

"In twenty-three, intimate, often lyric essays, set primarily in the mountain and desert west, Stephen Lottridge leads us through the course of a deeply experienced and closely examined life, ranging from early childhood in the northern panhandle of Idaho through adolescence and adulthood to old age in western Wyoming. Signal events draw the reader forward as lessons in understanding and empathy unfold. Lottridge's precise, evocative, elegant prose dramatizes the pain and joy of family and marital relationships, the power and resonant kinship of the natural landscape and an enduring gratitude for mentors, talismanic beings and fellow wayfarers on the human journey. These stories offer hope and meaning for our world and species today, as turbulence and suffering, leavened by laughter, resolve into an abiding, compassionate embrace of all existence."

Published by Fulton Books, Stephen Lottridge's memoir portrays, with compassionate understanding, the imperfections and beauty of human life.

This book will evoke a poignant joy in its readers.

People who wish to experience this heartfelt work can purchase "The Old Bison" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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