Stephen Kunin Joins Maier & Maier PLLC

Maier & Maier PLLC is proud to announce its newest addition to the firm: Stephen Kunin, the former Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As an expert in patent law for over 48 years, Mr. Kunin is a highly respected member of the patent industry. One of the masterminds of the revisions to the Rules of Practice and Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Mr. Kunin worked over three decades at the U.S. Patent Office, serving his final 10 years as Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examining Policy and winning nine medals (four gold) from the Department of Commerce, a Career Achievement Award from the USPTO and a Reinventing Government Hammer Award from the vice president, among other notable distinctions.

Mr. Kunin brings with him an expert level of knowledge in every aspect of prosecution and post-issuance proceedings, a highly strategic thought leader on the tactical advantages of post-grant procedures in lieu of traditional litigation and his continued specialty as a highly sought consultant and expert witness on all matters relating to USPTO patent policy, practice and procedure.

Timothy Maier, Managing Partner of Maier & Maier, commented that “Stephen Kunin has a deep well of knowledge on patent issues, starting with his time at the Patent Office and continuing today. He’ll be an invaluable resource to our firm and his expertise will help us provide our clients with the best service possible.”

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