Stephanie Cohen Home: Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

Create your dream home with Stephanie Cohen at the 40,000 sq. foot Interior Design Luxury Superstore in Long Island

We are excited to announce the design center at Stephanie Cohen Home located at 1641 Broadhollow Road in Farmingdale, NY. Interior designer, Stephanie Cohen, has created a space on Long Island where you can walk in and out and have your whole house designed in one shot. Customers no longer need to go to New York City to do interior design work. Everything that you need from the NYC’s design center or 200 Lex can now be done under one roof at Stephanie Cohen’s new design luxury superstore. “Come in and we’ll help you design the home of your dreams without traveling so far from your home,” said Stephanie. “We have created a simple, easy, and fun design experience” she continued to explain.

Whether your style is contemporary, transitional, modern classic or coastal, you can find it all here at Stephanie Cohen Home. In the heart of the new superstore is the design center, where Stephanie and her team of designers use fabrics, wood samples, and drafting to help create your dream home. Creating color schemes, furniture layouts, and themed rooms all happen under one roof with Stephanie and her expert design team.

"Come in and we'll help you design the home of your dreams without traveling so far from your home" "We have created a simple, easy, and fun design experience"

Stephanie Cohen

Stephanie Cohen does room drafting, wallpaper, flooring, carpeting, lighting, table top accessories, coffee table books, and whatever items that you need to create that perfect room. She even extends her designs to mattresses, art, napkins, china, and tableware from high-end companies like Juliska. Rooms can be adjusted according to your budget.

Stephanie Cohen Home is the place to go to design your perfect room. Stephanie knows that to create a true pure design you need to establish a relationship with the person, not the pieces. The space you live in must reflect who you are since you live your life in it.

You now have the luxury to use interior design services so close to home in one stop, under one roof, here in Long Island. Come and join us for a glass of wine and enjoy the interactive and fun interior design experience here at Stephanie Cohen Home!

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