Stephana Johnson Joins Womens Information Network as Host

Stephana Johnson joins the Women's Information Network (The WIN) online educational and social network with her show "Stephana Speaks

Stephana Johnson, Business Communication Coach and Founder of Stephana Enterprises, Inc. a non profit that helps women and their families heal from past trauma and find joy beyond the trauma joins the Women's Information Network (The WIN) and their online educational and social network with her eShow "Stephana Speaks".

The WIN's mission is to strengthen women and families worldwide through education, enlightenment, and entrepreneurship, in an effort to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and hunger, and to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on earth.

"WIN is so aligned with my mission of breaking the silence around trauma and abuse, giving women and children a healing voice and empowering women to speak their truth, I just couldn't say no to the opportunity to host this show." says Johnson.

The WIN is at the forefront of the present global women's movement. and provides women worldwide with online and on land education and empowerment in their personal lives and in their businesses.

"I am honored and thrilled to be part of this global community of women doing tremendous work to help each other and our communities." says Johnson.

The Women's Information Network and "Stephana Speaks":

Works with organizations and individuals worldwide to present 377 live events in 152 countries

Offers hundreds of online audio and video shows on topics important to women

Supports women's events across the globe.

Offers content-rich programs that strengthen and support women personally and in business

"The topics I speak about on my show are straight from the heart. As a mom of two young boys, as a survivor or trauma and sexual abuse, as a women entrepreneur there is no question I have much to share. I'm inspired every day, yet not too long ago I felt broken and lost. Now I want to help inspire others." says Johnson.

"Stephana Speaks" is 3-30 minute daily segments on the WIN and can also be viewed at

For more information on Stephana Johnson contact or 360-936-3374