STEP CG Joins Rural Cloud Initiative to Reimagine Rural Connectivity

STEP CG and Trilogy's partner to deliver edge compute and broadband solutions changing how rural communities connect on a large scale

STEP CG, a leading managed IT, security and cloud services provider for businesses, is excited to reveal its participation with Trilogy Networks in the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI). The RCI is a unique coalition of more than 45 network and edge innovation partners committed to promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of 1,500,000 square miles of rural America.

STEPcg has continuously proved its value as an industry leader with expert insights into how rural America will be transformed and connected with next-generation technology. The company offers a plethora of managed cloud services designed to connect rural and urban communities alike. They are at the forefront of developing private LTE and other broadband cellular solutions utilized to innovate and engineer new models of connectivity and networking.

“We’re dedicated to the digital transformation of rural America,” said Ed Walton, CEO of STEPcg. “We look forward to our partnership with Trilogy and the RCI, and to bringing our wealth of experience and expertise on edge compute and broadband solutions to the other members of the coalition.”

“We’re able to combine the right mix of technology solutions to help farms and rural America increase their operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and leverage automation to monitor and control crops and environmental systems,” said Todd Kelly, SVP of Solutions Engineering.

“Bringing STEPcg into the Rural Cloud Initiative expands the depth and breadth of services we’re able to make available to our coalition of network and technology partners,” said George Woodward, CEO at Trilogy Networks and member on the US Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force. “The solutions and expertise they bring to the table will be important drivers in the RCI’s efforts to bring advanced technologies and increased access to next-generation networks to rural America.”


STEPcg is a leading managed IT, security and cloud services provider and engineering firm that supports a full portfolio of networking, voice, security and professional service solutions. STEPcg’s network solutions are powered by strategic experts and best of breed technologies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, financial, retail, legal, government and service providers. STEPcg is where innovation meets execution for navigating IT challenges. For more information, visit

About Trilogy

Trilogy is an established leader in the emerging Edge Compute ecosystem with the deployment of distributed Cloud installations across the United States. Trilogy recently founded the Rural Cloud Initiative, a coalition of network operators and technology providers committed to promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of rural America. In conjunction with network operators and edge innovation partners, Trilogy is utilizing its LinX™ virtual private network and ConEx service delivery platform to build a unified, distributed cloud capability on a single network fabric to cover 1.5 million square miles. To learn more, please visit or

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