Stenograph to Launch New Training Platform and Learning Network

Stenograph is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new training platform called Ascend Training by Stenograph. This learning community will provide exclusive on-demand content, access to live subject matter expertise and peer-to-peer support to empower current and aspiring court reporting professionals to be more productive and profitable.

“I’ve been with Stenograph for 31 years and have trained thousands of people. I am proud and excited to launch Ascend because it represents the next step in the evolution of training services. By providing exclusive virtual content on-demand, Ascend gives all of our customers a way to learn, absorb and integrate practical solutions on the fly, as they work. As a result, learning becomes habit, which leads to increased efficiency and productivity, comfort, and confidence,” said Cindi Lynch, Training Program Manager.

“This learning platform represents a critical piece in our portfolio of products. We firmly believe that the success of our customers depends on how well we equip them with knowledge and support – whether that’s product knowledge or knowledge about new technology and/or industry trends. Through this learning community, it is our goal to make this knowledge and support accessible in ways that we haven’t in the past,” said Anir Dutta, President.

A subscription to Ascend Training by Stenograph will include access to at least one webinar per month (live and recorded), up to four live Q & A sessions; guides, articles, exercises, and a social network of fellow professionals who can offer their real-world experience, suggestions and support. Additionally, premium events with guest speakers and special interest courses will be made available as “in-app” purchases. Launch date is currently scheduled for Sept. 14, 2020

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