Stenograph to Introduce CATalyst Version 21.5 at NCRA Conference

Continuing a tradition of delivering time-saving solutions for stenographers, CATalyst now will offer efficiencies that can save a reporter a full month of time in the course of one year.

Stenograph, LLC, the market leader in court reporting solutions, today announced it will be showing some of the new features to be released later this summer for CATalyst users. The new "version 21.5" will allow court reporters to receive and accept job proposals from agencies participating in Stenograph's new APEX solution for agencies, which will also be released later this summer. Upgrading to this version has no additional cost for any reporters eligible for version 21, including customers on Stenograph's Edge for CATalyst support plan.

In addition to notifications, reporters will be able to seamlessly manage changes in time, location, or other details, without having to manage multiple emails, texts, or calls from the agency. Information about the proceeding will be available in CATalyst when the job is scheduled in APEX, so details about the witness, appearing attorneys, location, time, and more can automatically populate the title and appearance page.

When the job is complete reporters can deliver the transcript, exhibits, and other related files to the agency directly from CATalyst, then prepare an invoice in the new Business Center within CATalyst that the agency can pay online via APEX.

"When on a job, a court reporter often has only a short amount of time off the record," said Lucy Smith, the product manager for CATalyst. "Now they can accept or decline jobs in a matter of seconds, without having to check their phone to return a text, a voicemail, or check email. And the need to remember multiple passwords or transcript delivery preferences if they work with several agencies could be eliminated with the same turn-in process for any agency. The input from our current customers really helped us create these solutions in a way that would fit into the workday within the software environment that they are familiar with—it had to be intuitive within CATalyst."

Smith says that the features  will be most beneficial to freelance stenographers and voice reporters at first, though the Business Center will soon be expanded to allow officials to manage expenses and time tracking, and produce reports for their accounting office. "This is just the beginning. The reporters who I have shown what we have built are excited and sharing ideas to extend what we will have at launch."

Stenographers will be able to participate in a new points-based Stenograph Loyalty Program, as well—earning their first $10 in points simply by setting up a profile in APEX, so they can be discoverable by agencies. These points can accumulate to earn an estimated $400 value in a year—and can be used to purchase Stenograph software, writers, Edge or Endurance support, and more.

"Our team is excited to show these new features at the Las Vegas NCRA conference starting July 29," said Dan Denofsky, Vice President of Marketing at Stenograph. "The goal for CATalyst development is always to create greater efficiency and eliminate time-consuming and frustrating tasks that court reporters encounter, and it's quite easy to show that a reporter could save up to 1 month of time over the course of a year—which could equate to another $5,000 earning potential by allowing the reporter to accept additional jobs. Between the launch of CATalyst 21.5, integration with APEX, and creation of a loyalty program, we are creating time saving, revenue enhancing, and cost saving opportunities for court reporters."

Stop at the Stenograph booth in Las Vegas or contact sales at 800-323-4247 to learn more about CATalyst version 21.5 or APEX. An overview video is available at

Source: Stenograph, LLC