Stenograph Announces Development of Connected Workflow Solutions for Court Reporters and Agencies

For years, Stenograph has been the leader in providing cutting edge technologies to court reporters and in empowering the capture, preservation, and accessibility of verbatim records. Stenograph is now expanding its reach to include a scalable and integrated workflow solution that seamlessly connects reporters to agencies via their industry leading CAT software, Case CATalyst. This new solution is called APEX.

The integrated APEX solution provides the court reporting industry with a truly bespoke toolset. With APEX, agencies will maximize their bottom line through workflow optimization, efficiency gains in order management, scheduling, transcript production, video synching, exhibit linking, and billing, and will also be able to take advantage of features to enhance communication and collaboration with reporters. All of this will be delivered through an enhanced, intuitive user experience coupled with chain of custody featuring tools powered by artificial intelligence and state-of-the art blockchain security. 

At the same time, reporters will be able to leverage their existing CATalyst software to handle everything from job notifications and confirmation, to capture, editing, production, submission, as well as billing and payment confirmation using billing and expense tracking in a newly-created business center. In addition, by engaging with APEX through submission of jobs, reporters will have the opportunity to collect loyalty points redeemable as discounts on various Stenograph products.

“We are very excited about this new ecosystem offering that seamlessly connects court reporters to reporting agencies, streamlining engagement and collaboration, thereby creating value for both reporters and agencies. We are utilizing advanced technologies to help reporters become more productive and profitable while helping agencies to optimize their operations to realize top line and bottom-line growth,” said Anir Dutta, President of Stenograph.

The addition of agency-focused solutions that are integrated with Stenograph’s core products is the next step in the evolution of the court reporting industry. It represents an important shift in their business model that will provide value to additional stakeholders within the court reporting ecosystem.

To learn more about APEX for reporters and agencies, please join us at STARCON

Source: Stenograph, LLC

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