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Stemedix Inc., a U.S. based stem cell therapy group that specializes in the use of stem cells to treat patients with degenerative conditions, announced today that they are offering their patients a powerful treatment combination; Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Stem Cell Therapy. According to research, the benefit of having HBOT treatments in conjunction with stem cell therapy is increasing the synthesis of nitric oxide, which signals the release of stem cells.

A recent study by researchers from Neural Regeneration Research found results showing test subjects that underwent both mesenchymal​ stem cell transplantation and HBOT had better neurological outcomes and better cognitive performance scores than subjects that endured only one type of treatment. Another study at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, led by researcher Stephen Thom, MD, PhD, found that HBOT increases stem cell activity. After one treatment, the stem cell concentration doubled and after 20 treatments, they increased eightfold.

Based on the growing interest and success, Fred Palmer, director of operations, at StemedixTM said “We are very proud to be working with the most recent and advanced technologies in the industry today. This combination of hyperbaric oxygen and stem cell therapies is progressively becoming the recommended treatment from our physicians and the selected treatment of our patients. Studies  coupled with our own results we have seen thus far have been very impressive and supportive to our decision to offer this adjoining treatment.”

Stemedix is now combining their stem cell therapy treatments with HBOT which allows for healing to occur that enables fibroblasts (tissue cells), capillaries (circulatory), osteoblasts (bone cells) and stem cells to be stimulated. Without appropriate levels of oxygen in the tissue, healing cannot take place. With HBOT, oxygen is dissolved into all of the body’s fluids, plasma, central nervous system fluids, lymph, and bone. In addition, the areas of the body that are lacking oxygen will begin to receive oxygen again.

To learn more about Stemedix HBOT and stem cell therapy, contact Stemedix at 800-531-0831.


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Source: Stemedix, Inc.


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