Steki Amusement Releases Owatch VR Team™: Multi-Player Online Collaboration Shooting Platform

A multi-player, highly interactive team collaboration shooting game arena with an HTC VIVE headset

Owatch VR Team™

Multiplayer online warfare is becoming the next VR-genre that developers and game equipment manufacturers love to create. It’s more suitable for commercial operation and brings more freedom as well as a more interactive game experience.

Owatch VR Team is finally ready to go public. It has been developed for the emerging multiplayer VR gaming market. With its inclusion of customized high-quality games for VR Team solutions, and Steki Amusement's professional manufacturing and cost controlling, Owatch VR Team is designed to be a very worthwhile investment in VR projects.

VR Team™ is a multiplayer highly interactive team collaboration Shooting Game arena with an HTC VIVE headset and supports up to 5 players. It comes with four original games: "Eve of the Parasite," "Starship Troopers," "Magic Adventure" (for kids) and "Jurassic World."

VR Team™ is currently the best Multi-player VR business solution, a solution that can be really practically operated and profitable.

Steve Song

CEO of Steki Amusement

Monsters in "Eve of the Parasite" appear right before players to make them feel terrified. Players use a VR firearm to interact: press the trigger to fire and swing down the gun to reload. With a "Doomsday"/"Eve" theme, the experience makes gamers feel like they are at the end of the world, fighting against powerful enemies while feeling like a super soldier.

Some gamers have already seen the Backpack computer driven multiplayer large-scale solution or another multiplayer solution, but those are still mostly in the experimental stage. With a high cost and demanding equipment requirements, it can seem like a large investment. The VR Team™ presents the best business solution, a solution that can be practically operated and profitable.

VR Team Product Features:
Metal Cage Design (Mysterious, dangerous and thrilling.)

3x3.5m Room-scale Stage, Up to 4 person

1:1 Game scene

High Interactive Shooting Experience

4 Original Games select-able

Low-frequency vibration effect on the floor

TV Synchronous Display

VR Team Product page:

Owatch: China Leading Virtual Reality Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturer Brand which is a Hi-Tech enterprise focusing on VR Simulator Games products: 9D VR Cinema, VR Walker, VR Racing, VR Machine Gun, VR Flight Simulator Machine including R&D, production, sales and technical services!

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