Steeltooth Combs Pledges 10 Percent of All Sales to Charity

The new charity will be Children With Hair Loss, A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Founders of Steeltooth, LLC and Children With Hair Loss, 501(c)(3)

Effective immediately, Steeltooth Combs will be donating 10 percent of all sales to the charity Children with Hair Loss, A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Steeltooth specializes in creating combs that are ergonomic, environmentally sustainable, durable, and anti-static. Instead of plastic, the combs are made of stainless steel, which leads to better scalp health and less breakage due to the anti-static properties of stainless steel. As a comb company, founder Nick Baker feels there is a responsibility to those that have lost their hair to assist them in hair replacement options. Regarding the initiative, Nick Baker states, "The hair on our heads is central to our identities as human beings. We walk around with it all day, style it one way, cut it another, and use it to make us look and feel like our best selves. Losing your hair in a sudden fashion due to cancer takes that element of our identity away which is detrimental to our psyche's and self identities, but this is even more profound in children. We will do all we can to repair that."

Steeltooth recently finished up its campaign towards California Wildlife Relief and will continue to shift to organizations that are in immediate need of help when a national disaster occurs that is brought to the forefront of the Nation. The company hopes the sales of its combs not only help causes but also over time reduce the number of plastic combs that exist and are thrown away, which contributes to the environmental crisis. The stainless steel combs last for life and are recyclable. In regard to the current climate crisis, Nick Baker states, "We are at a critical point in the direction the environment is heading on this planet. It's not the Earth that will die, but the environment required for life to thrive will not be sustainable if we keep going down this path. As the dominant species, each and every one of us has to pull together and contribute to the reversal of what is going on any way we can." 

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Nick Baker
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1311 N Harlem Avenue Suite 1C, Oak Park, IL, 60302

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Steeltooth Combs designs anti-static, ergonomic, environmentally friendly, life lasting combs out of T304 stainless steel. They are laser cut and polished by hand to ensure a smooth texture along the edges of the comb and teeth.

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