SteelBridge Labs Announces Newest Company to Join the Incubator,

SteelBridge Labs is excited to welcome to its portfolio. The investment in continues their focus on supporting early-stage, problem-solving FinTech companies being run by experienced teams. is an app designed to help consumers earn money to spend, save, or invest in the stock market through their SEC-licensed integrated-finance tools that reside within the app. Partners leverage user data for market research, industry insights, and consumer trends. Users, in turn, receive monthly monetary dividends as members. There are both active and passive earning opportunities, including brand feedback, surveys, rewards, cash back, and much more. Since Q4 2020, has gained over 400,000 app users. Additionally, this past quarter the company launched Scalable AdTech Ecosystem for partner integrations resulting in 1,200+ brand relationships.

"Ant Transaction Machines, Inc. bridges the worlds of AdTech and FinTech by enabling our users to earn micro-income streams through our app and to deposit their earnings into a new investment account, embedded within our app, through our SEC-licensed Ant Money Advisors, LLC Robo-advisor. The company was founded by Walter Cruttenden and myself, and we officially launched the ATM app in December 2020," states Michael Gleason, Co-Founder & CEO of

SteelBridge Labs invests in early-stage FinTech companies. We are a hands-on, value-add investor that provides mentorship and leadership building, sales distribution strategy, software development support, product management, and capital raising assistance. In some cases, the SteelBridge team takes a hands-on role inside the company by providing technical and operational resources. In addition to these services, our partners connect our portfolio companies with a prequalified network of registered investment advisors, family offices, and venture capitalists who often invest alongside SteelBridge.

James Haluszczak, Managing Partner and Co-founder of SteelBridge Labs will assume an Advisory Board position at "The market opportunity for ATM is incredible. Data has become a commodity that adds tremendous value to companies, extending the company's value well beyond the core service they provide to their customers. A key decision point for us to make the investment into ATM was that ATM leverages the anonymous consumer data they collect for the benefit of not only the acquiring institution, but also the consumer. And providing the consumer a mechanism to invest the money they earn from their own data is both novel and meaningful to these individuals. We are excited to partner with ATM through this journey of monetizing consumer data for all."

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