Stay & Marie Releases Memphis Design Inspired Collection, 'Memphis'

Statement earrings are made from polymer clay and resin.

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Stacie "Stay" Binford, owner and creative force behind Stay & Marie, is releasing the brand-new, "Memphis Collection", and each earring will be individually created by the designer herself. The "Memphis Collection" will be released on Jan. 30, 2021.

Stay & Marie is known for helping women rediscover the best parts of themselves with a boost of confidence and inspiration from these extraordinary jewelry pieces.

Thus, for the first time, Stay has created an entire product line inspired by her childhood. It is chock-full of colorful pieces with pronounced graphic details that remind you so much of the eighties.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the company website: where the limited earrings are expected to sell out quickly.

This collection was designed to showcase a 1980s vibe with a focus on a black and white grid pattern that is repeated throughout the collection. Several of the earrings will be available in multi-component options for more of a statement piece. This multi-component option provides for adding movement and originality, which is mimicked throughout the entire collection. Her collection also includes the ever-popular "Stud Pack'', which includes three pairs of stud earrings that all highlight the distinction of the collection.

The "Memphis Collection" ranges in price from $20-$45.

Stay is excited to welcome jewelry enthusiasts to the new, handcrafted earring collection they have all been waiting for.


For more information about the "Memphis Collection'', or for an interview with Stay, please write to Media high-res photos are available upon request.

About Stay & MarieĀ 

Stay Binford started designing jewelry in 2011 after being inspired by her grandmother's big, colorful earrings and Stay's desire to create small pieces of art that can be worn by all women. Her earrings create an air of confidence for those who wear them by either completing an outfit or inspiring one. After many years of creating earrings by hand, Stay's jewelry started gaining notoriety amongst the polymer clay jewelry community.

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Stay Binford started designing jewelry after being inspired by her Grandmother's big colorful earrings and Stay's desire to create small pieces of art that can be worn by all women.

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