STAUBER Best Combines Commonly Used Post Surgery Products

STAUBER Best Sock Aid and Shoe Horn

People with joint pain or body stiffness can have trouble doing simple tasks like getting dressed in the morning. This issue may be due to back/joint pain caused by back, hip, or knee surgery, post-fusion, total hip or total knee replacement, Sciatica, Obesity, stiffness of joints, or Arthritis. STAUBER Best has just made independence a little more accessible. With the newly released 2-in-1 STAUBER Best Sock Aid and Shoe Horn, self-dressing in the morning is less strenuous. Designed by a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon with over 30 years of experience, The STAUBER Best team has been working for years to perfect this device. This will replace complicated contraptions that involve strings and require both hands. The new STAUBER Best Sock Aid and Shoe Horn is 34” long with a design made for one-handed use. This device can be used to aid in the donning and doffing of socks and as a long-handled shoehorn. This is the first step towards the STAUBER Best Post Surgery Kit, containing all the OT/PT suggested recovery devices. 

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