Statistical Guide to the 2016 Saratoga Meet Is a Sure Thing!

Self-publishers of horse racing e-books since 2003,, has helped many horse players improve their wagering skills through their books based on thoroughbred handicapping. Their newest and most valuable book yet, The Saratoga Blackbook, offers players 105 pages of profitable trainer, jockey, sire and owner situational statistics.

The Saratoga Blackbook is a racing-focused website which features handicapping articles, e-books, news feeds and free content. Their latest e-book, “The Saratoga Blackbook”, is 105 pages of aggregated data and statistics for the Saratoga racing meet dating back to 2012  The book covers 17 trainers, 14 top jockeys, 27 owners and 29 sires.

Inside the Saratoga Blacbook the reader will find who, what and when as well as the win percentages, historic profit and loss amounts. Then, the reader can simply wager on the situational plays with the highest win percentages that are historically proven to win money. In-depth handicapping and racing knowledge is not needed. A track racing program is required, however. In many cases they are handed out free upon entrance.

The difficulty of reading the racing forms is often a turn off for new players. The Saratoga Blackbook is written in an easy-to-understand manner so anyone can benefit from its information. This includes an everyday player, a weekend warrior, or even a complete novice. The idea behind the book is to allow players to have fun and perhaps win some money with the absolute minimal learning curve.

For hard-core players, the information will keep them grounded and help them avoid making wagers on plays that have historically shown to be losers. This unique e-book has been self-published and distributed on the Bet-Won website. The book will soon be available more widely on Amazon and other online retailers. The Saratoga Blackbook is a summertime must read for anyone planning on being at the track or wagering on Saratoga horse racing.

About the Authors: has been publishing handicapping books, articles and selections online for over 12 years. Their passion is getting easy-to-follow information into the hands of everyone, especially the $2 bettor. The objective is to make it easier to play, win, and hopefully engage a whole new generation of horse racing fans.  

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