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Spectra Baby USA is a company focused on supporting mothers and their entire journey of breastfeeding.

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Spectra Baby USA is a company focused on supporting mothers and their entire journey of breastfeeding. Their products are made for moms by fellow moms and registered nurses. The company operates daily with their customer's needs in mind for efficient breastfeeding technology and creating comfortable pumps and accessories which make for the best experience for mothers and babies. Despite recent insurance policy changes by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield which cut the reimbursement amount for Spectra Baby USA's electric breast pump by 45 percent, Spectra Baby USA's team is dedicated to sustaining their customers.

Although every plan and insurer is different, the Affordable Care Act made it possible for mothers to be eligible for a standard electric breast pump either for free or with a co-pay. This standard has been recently changed by lowering the reimbursement rates they pay to providers from $169.15 to $95. Local and regional Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, as well as lactation consultants, will no longer be able to provide mothers in the U.S. with Spectra Baby USA pumps if they are covered by this particular health insurance and affiliated plans.

"We strongly stand against this decision by this particular insurance company," said Spectra Baby USA CEO, Heidi Humphries. "The progressive quality and technology of breast pumps are crucial for every mother and child in America for having a successful and comfortable journey together. We encourage any insurance provider considering cuts to review the surplus of research that supports the increased benefits given by breast pumps."

Breastfeeding differs in experience from mom to mom. Spectra Baby USA recognizes that many mothers rely on breast pumps because they cannot feed their child without it. This is more than an accessory and insurance providers should see this as nothing less than an investment in enhancing the health of both mother and child. While the company will continue to do everything they can to support their customer's needs, Spectra Baby USA encourages all providers to consider the same needs for all mothers and infants who rely on insurance benefits to receive proper equipment for positive breastfeeding results.

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Owned and operated by fellow moms and registered nurses, Spectra is committed to supporting every mother on the beautiful journey of breastfeeding.

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