State-of-the-Art Ubisys ZigBee 3.0 Technology Embedded in Qorvo's New Line of Smart home/IoT Products

Today, ubisys technologies GmbH announced that the Low Power Wireless (LPW) business unit of Qorvo, Inc. has selected its leading, state-of-the-art ZigBee 3.0 stack and complementary higher-level services offered by ubisys to form the backbone of its ZigBee 3.0 platform offerings to the smart home and broader IoT market.

“We are pleased with the decision of Qorvo’s Low Power Wireless business unit to license our ZigBee stack and supplemental services. Our engineering teams worked seamlessly hand-in-hand to combine their powerful silicon and our leading ZigBee implementation into a platform that enables customers to design world-class ZigBee 3.0 products and solutions,” Dr. Arasch Honarbacht, founder, co-owner and managing director of ubisys, stated.

“We are excited to collaborate with ubisys to bring ZigBee 3.0 products in the rapids of the smart home market,” said Cees Links, General Manager of Qorvo’s Low Power Wireless business unit. “ubisys is a highly competent and reliable partner with a proven track record. We are confident that our cooperation will result in a robust solution that will help us to improve our customers’ business and results. We have started delivering the results of this collaboration to our customers with positive feedback across the board on performance and robustness.”

Honarbacht, who is an elected voting member of the ZigBee PRO Technical Steering Committee and Vice Chairman of the ZigBee PRO Core Stack Working Group, highlighted the first results of this successful integration work: “The new Qorvo ZigBee 3.0 Gateway platform, which incorporates a number of our core technologies, has recently achieved ZigBee PRO2015 Compliant Platform status. It is based on the same ubisys ZigBee PRO 2015 and Green Power implementation, which has been awarded ‘Golden Unit’ designation by the ZigBee Alliance a year ago.”

The Qorvo Gateway platform shares a number of core technologies with the ubisys G1, the world’s first Ethernet gateway to complete the rigorous ZigBee Certified 3.0 product-testing program successfully. Beyond the embedded ubisys ZigBee stack running on top of the Qorvo 802.15.4 MAC/PHY and runtime environment, a collection of complementary higher-level services is available on the Linux OS, in particular the ubisys Smart Facility Service, ZigBee Gateway Service, and Over-the-Air Upgrade service. Further applications, tools, libraries and development kits complement the offering.

Recently, ubisys has added support for ZigBee Green Power devices to the Smart Facility service in a way that is completely transparent to client applications. It makes no difference whether a sensor is an energy harvesting or life-long battery powered ZigBee Green Power Device versus a classic ZigBee sleeping end-device. This major achievement is unique in the industry.

“We both support the latest advances of ZigBee’s Green Power feature: Qorvo on the device side, and ubisys on the ZigBee backbone infrastructure side. The combination reduces time-to-market for solution providers to a minimum,” Honarbacht concluded.

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