STAT Emergency Developing First Micro/Community Hospital in Castroville, Texas

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The governing board of STAT Emergency Hospital is pleased to announce their expansion plans with the development of the first micro/community hospital in Castroville, Texas.  Castroville Community Hospital is scheduled to open its doors this coming winter and will be located at 1941 US 90E next to North Park Chevrolet.

Castroville Community Hospital will be licensed by the Texas Health & Human Services Commission as a Texas Hospital and will provide 24-hour emergency care, pharmacy, imaging, lab and in-patient/out-patient services directly in the Castroville community. Castroville Community Hospital will be open 24/7 and have an ER physician and other clinical staff on site at all times. 

“STAT has been looking for innovative ways to expand its offerings and reach more patients with the care they need, in the places they need it,” said Dan Lonergan, managing member of STAT. “We are doing it with the introduction of micro-hospitals. Micro-hospitals really are just a smaller-scale version of a hospital in service offerings, size and cost.” 

Castroville Community Hospital will have four to five in-patient beds, one to two procedure rooms, a 24-hour emergency department with in-house pharmacy, imaging and lab services directly within the community of Castroville. Most importantly, our micro-hospitals are meeting both community and health system needs with our unique offerings. The key is offering hospital-level quality of care in locations that are convenient for our patients and at lower costs than a traditional hospital. As we seek ways to help lower the cost and improve the value of health care, we can work with local physicians in providing care in a cost-effective, local setting. 

“We look forward to our grand opening and the opportunity to serve the Castroville community and surrounding areas as well as collaborating with local health care providers,” concluded Lonergan.

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Please direct media inquiries to Daniel M. Lonergan, managing member, via email at  

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