Starwest Technologies Continues Use of Technology-Driven Health Solutions Through Partnership With BuddyCheque

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BuddyCheque, a leading health information management company, has enabled safer operations at Starwest Technologies by offering provider-verified employee health data. BuddyCheque’s app, ConfirmD, uses up-to-date employee COVID-19 test results, helping to inform decision makers as they manage business operations during these unprecedented times. 

Starwest’s Chief of Staff and VP of Business Affairs, Gina Inorio said, “ConfirmD enables us to ensure that our business services continue running safely and smoothly. During COVID-19, our priority has been keeping our clients, customers and team safe, and ConfirmD's accessible and verified test results do just that.”

Starwest Tech has been integral in delivering Ambulance and Fire Services the technology solutions required to offer the most comprehensive service possible. Since 2006, Starwest Tech has focused on improving pre-hospital care through ePCR solutions and real-time or near real-time active management technologies. The partnership with BuddyCheque reflects Starwest’s great concern for the safety of customers and staff, leveraging technology and verified data to ease the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arizonans Dr. Ramsey Kilani, MD, and Bob Ramsey, notable for their work in the medical services fields, lead the BuddyCheque team, along with Karl Wagner and Alex Chatel. Through decades of combined experience in medicine and technology, the team acknowledged the difficulties in verifying and securely sharing medical results, leading to the development of the ConfirmD app. The app offers individuals a platform to know, validate, and voluntarily share their provider-verified health information and COVID-19 test results. ConfirmD provides a portable, HIPAA-compliant health data solution to individuals and enterprises. 

ConfirmD users authenticate their identity using best-in-class verification methodologies before having their COVID-19 tests, whether virus (PCR and antigen) or antibody (kit or blood serology), verified by an authorized medical professional. Results and health data are accessible through secure QR codes, which users can share with employers, public venues and stores, and other third parties. All information is securely stored using leading data protection solutions, exceeding compliance of all related standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created circumstances in which up-to-date health data is necessary for guaranteeing the safety and security of employees and customers alike. The inability to easily access and share healthcare information has amplified this stress, a problem the ConfirmD team has tackled head on. As leaders are tasked with the challenge of understanding how to safely reopen, ConfirmD provides a data-driven solution that allows individuals and enterprises to make information-based decisions on resuming normal workflows and activities. 

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Ben Dlin — Senior Marketing Manager

Source: BuddyCheque


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