Startwise Makes Revenue Sharing Investments Accessible to Everyone.

With Startwise, you can invest in companies you believe in for as little as $100.

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​​​​​Today, Startwise officially launched a marketplace where you can invest in companies you care about for as little as $100. And as your investment company generates revenue, you’ll receive a percentage of that revenue. By leveraging the new legislation and technologies, Startwise makes revenue sharing easy and accessible for investors while providing capital to help businesses grow.

Startwise aims to help small and medium US consumer businesses that lack the necessary capital to grow by enabling them to fundraise directly from customers. “Our vision is to allow businesses to raise capital from consumers and to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties,” said Grace Leung Shing, CEO of Startwise. Using the Startwise model, companies pay back their supporters as they grow while building a loyal community around their brand.  

Our vision is to allow businesses to raise capital from consumers and to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

Grace Leung Shing, CEO & Co-Founder at Startwise Inc

Startwise is launching deals for two unique companies that are ready to expand:

●      Nava Pets is a minority female-led all-natural pet care company with organic products that resolve common pet issues while supporting social initiatives towards the community.  

●      Sockwa is a minimalist shoe company with multiple patents, the company is on a mission to make better footwear with less environmental impact while pledging 1% to the planet  

Startwise uses the New Law (Regulation Crowdfunding) designed to protect the investors while allowing anyone of legal age to invest in companies they like. Revenue sharing is not new, it has been used for decades to finance businesses ranging from the oil to the music industry. The model is simple, invest a $100 in a company. The company will then pay you a fixed percentage of its revenue every three months until you have reached the maximum payout. The maximum payout will range between $110 and $250 depending on deal terms.

“Revenue sharing enables you to invest while supporting companies that resonate with your values,” says Ekaterina (Catherine) Yushina, COO of Startwise. Crowdfunding provides opportunities to companies and individuals to create a more inclusive economy. For example, according to Locavesting, the success rate for women was 87.5% and for minority-only founders was 46% which were both better than the 41% success rate for male teams.

Start investing today in revenue sharing deals based on your values with your favorite businesses.  Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram  YouTube

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