Startup CEO Donates Salary to Supply Masks to Struggling Chicago Hospitals

KeySmart, creator of the world's smartest key organizer, is repurposing its existing supply chain to produce and distribute medical face masks to Chicago hospitals

FDA-Approved Medical Masks

Though many companies are struggling to maintain operation throughout the pandemic, KeySmart demonstrates how creative solutions can help a company persevere and serve the greater good in the time of crisis. 

Chicago has over 21,000 cases of  COVID-19 and hospitals are facing a devastating shortage of protective equipment. To address this shortage, KeySmart worked with its factory to prioritize the production of FDA-approved medical masks. An initial order of 20,000 masks has grown to over 300,000 masks as KeySmart aims to meet the increasing demand. 

“We are prioritizing the needs of medical personnel and first responders. We are starting with a donation of 20,000 masks to local Chicago hospitals, and we will scale this donation as we receive more masks and support from our customers,“ says Michael Tunney, CEO and owner of KeySmart. Tunney is donating his monthly salary to support the production and donation of medical masks. 

Customers can purchase a pack of 50 masks. For every mask pack purchased, 50 masks will be donated to a hospital. Medical masks are becoming more common for public wear. The CDC suggests wearing medical masks in public to protect essential workers like grocery store clerks. KeySmart will also be facilitating large orders of masks for hospital systems and essential institutions. 

In addition to mask supply, KeySmart has ordered over 50,000 units of its NanoStylus product due to high demand. The NanoStylus has gained popularity because it prevents direct contact with store touchscreens. KeySmart has also launched an antimicrobial hand tool called CleanKey that helps avoid direct contact with contaminated surfaces like public doors and store checkouts. 

“For every unpredictable consequence brought upon by this pandemic, there are unforeseen opportunities as well,” says Tunney. KeySmart hopes to inspire other businesses to think outside of the box and explore the opportunity and benefits of helping others.

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