Partners with Nimbus to Maximize Mobile App Monetization with In-App Bidding Direct Integration, the fourth most popular SDK in the world and the leading independent monetization software, introduces a partnership with Nimbus, a disruptive new and agnostic unified auction ad platform. A vast number of over half a million apps utilize's SDK monthly. 

Header bidding is a programmatic media buying that enables publishers and developers to offer their ad inventory to several ad exchanges creating a more competitive ecosystem that optimizes results. is excited to partner with header bidding platform Nimbus, giving mobile publishers and developers access to first-price auction bidders, ensuring the highest possible CPMs, straight from the source. Nimbus header bidding enables publishers and developers to maximize their revenue, while providing sharp, polished ad experiences. By partnering with Nimbus, together, they can increase available inventory and empower Nimbus' demand with's audience-based demand offering.

"Partnering with Nimbus allows us to offer additional integration methods with publishers, through Nimbus in-app bidding solution. I'm excited to see the results this partnership will bring to both and Nimbus." - Ravit Ross, CRO 

"We are excited to partner with to offer publishers another premium and diverse demand partner. has a rich history within the app ecosystem, and we look forward to them bringing that experience to the Nimbus umbrella of demand partners." - Adam Gray, Sr. Director of Programmatic Growth, Nimbus

About Nimbus: Nimbus is a disruptive new and agnostic unified auction ad platform that combines the industry's most competitive programmatic auction with the most comprehensive reporting available from any monetization solution on the market. This is the bleeding edge of yield optimization. Don't settle for anything less for your mobile or CTV advertising. 

About is a mobile marketing and audience platform that is reinventing mobile marketing by leveraging the largest independent app distribution.'s direct integration with over 500K monthly active apps provides access to unprecedented levels of global first-party data, which can be leveraged to understand and predict behaviors, identify new opportunities, and fuel growth.